As a Member You and Your Business Will Benefit Even More!



The Winona Housing Association is here to help you, the Winona rental property owner, by providing you with the information and resources you need via e-mail, monthly meetings, educational presentations and the opportunity to network with other rental property owners.

By having access to our informational e-mails sent only to members, by attending our regular meetings and most importantly, by benefiting from the camaraderie of your friendly competitors as we help each other to achieve our individual and common goals.

We promote rental property investment and management as valuable and vital contribution to the needs of our community. The WHA encourages the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in our industry.

Because we feel grateful to be able to operate our businesses in Winona, one of the best and most beautiful small cities anywhere, we also strive to provide opportunities to give back to the community.

Our members give of our time and resources to promote a variety of worthy community projects and non-profit organizations.

Do Any of the Following Apply to You?

* Problems with your renters?

* Perhaps you’re experiencing vacancies and are at a loss as to how to attract qualified prospects.

* Problems with nonpayment of rent or other lease violations.

* Have you had problems dealing with an issue related to a local ordinance/code question? We have approached the city as a group to help individual members with code violation issues.

* Are you experiencing a current maintenance or improvement challenge and could use some advice?

* Are you curious about who has the best financing rates and terms right now; the best deals on appliances or materials or professional services?

* Perhaps you’re interested in buying or selling rental property.

The Winona Housing Association is here to help you with these and many other questions and concerns to rental property owners like you.

Call us today with your questions about membership or any other issues related to your rental property business. You can also contact us about attending your first Winona Housing Association meeting for free. Take a test drive, kick the tires, and then decide! Most of our members initially came to a free meeting and then decided to join us.