Did You Know That Rental Property Investment and Management Constitutes Winona’s Largest Private Industry?

There are currently over 900 individuals and families who own and manage certified rental units in Winona, Minnesota. 

The WHA is a non-profit organization of rental property owners promoting the interests of our industry at both the local and state levels. As both a trade group and service organization, our members promote professionalism in rental property ownership and management. We also volunteer our time, and raise funds for community projects and non-profit organizations.

Protecting Your Investments and Your Rights

The Housing Association retains a local attorney as well as a state Capitol-based attorney/lobbyist who promotes and protects our local interests at the state level with the Legislature, and with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Our state-level legal and lobbying team is there to prevent the state from using your tax dollars to subsidize projects that unfairly compete against you. 

Our officers and members have been appointed to local committees and to serve as representatives of the housing industry on e.g. the Mayor’s Housing task force. We have been represented by our officers and members at the subcommittee level in developing the Winona Comprehensive Plan, Riverfront Revitalization, and Downtown Revitalization. Our officers have attended numerous meetings of the local Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, and City Council meetings. We have publicly expressed our positions representing the interests of your business at meetings of all of these governmental bodies.

In addition to these activities we have met with state legislators, officials from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and have attended MnSCU Board of Trustees meetings with our attorney/lobbyist in St. Paul. We have also been active in collaboration with Winona State University administrators and staff, with the Winona Police Department, with neighborhood groups and with student government leaders at WSU.

Whether you realize it or not, if you are a Winona rental property owner, you have greatly benefited from our efforts as an organization.


Dave Pringle


 Kent Grover